Privacy Policy


This privacy policy outlines how Sweetr collects, uses, discloses and protects the privacy of all users. This policy includes all websites and applications owned and operated by Appature Technologies Inc. By registering and using our services you are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy and applicable terms and conditions and you are confirming that you have read and consent to the following outlined policies of service. Sweetr operates worldwide and as such, each user needs to be aware of their country’s privacy laws or lack thereof when using Sweetr.


We restrict the use of Sweetr applications to individuals who are 18 years of age and older. Sweetr does not knowingly target our services to anyone under the age of majority in their home jurisdiction nor collect or maintain any personal information from children under the age of majority in their home jurisdiction. By using Sweetr, all users represent and warrant that they are 18 years of age or older. Should Sweetr be informed or made aware of a user breaching these terms they will be immediately removed from our application(s) and database. Any user posting pictures of children under the age of 18, with the purpose of sexual exploitation, could be reported to authorities and removed as a user. Should a user come across sexual exploitation of anyone under the age of 18, please immediately report the user to Sweetr. Should any user suspect or know of a person under the age of 18 using the Sweetr application(s), please report immediately via email at or contact Sweetr Support within the Sweetr application.


All Sweetr users can decide what information to share or not. However, this may result in the user not benefitting from certain features. For example, using your geolocation allows Sweetr to estimate the distance between users, thus allowing people to choose potential matches based on their location. Allowing notifications can be a quick way to see how many messages are waiting in your account. Sweetr registers users via email addresses and stores this contact information for users to login to Sweetr and for Sweetr to communicate to users. By registering and using the application you consent to receive emails from Sweetr or Appature Technologies Inc. At times Sweetr may send users notices of special deals or events, administrative notices or application updates. Sweetr will not flood your email whatsoever. We will periodically send an email, but rarely at that. 

Overall, Sweetr collects and stores information pertaining to your profile and statistics related to Sweetr features and its user’s demographic information. We respect each user’s right to privacy and protection of their personal information and thus have created an up-front policy about Sweetr privacy practices.    Personal information includes identifiable information, but is not limited to: all user profile information such as email address, geolocation, uploaded photographs or videos, gender, age, orientation and interests. This information is stored on servers to allow each user easy and quick access to their created profile and Sweetr account. Any user who uploads pictures and videos to their profile is consenting to Sweetr making them available on their profile for users to view them. These pictures and videos will not be viewed by other users if your profile is hidden or deleted. In relation to Sweetr analyzing user statistics, it is primarily to help us improve our services and give us a snapshot of overall, non-identifiable information of users. 

Sweetr does not collect information about users from other sources unless a user approves this. For example, should a user want to upload photographs from their Facebook account, Instagram or personal mobile device, then a user would approve Sweetr to open this application. If a user wants to share Sweetr with their contacts, they would need to approve Sweetr to access their mobile device. Sweetr would only store a user’s contacts information to allow the user to benefit (i.e., receiving gifted credits) from sharing the mobile application with a friend, thus allowing Sweetr to process the request.  Sweetr would not knowingly access this information without a user’s consent. Sweetr saves this information on our database, but would never sell this information for any purpose. If or when Sweetr expands, we would never knowingly duplicate your profile and put it on another application. A user would need to create their own account for each Sweetr application.

Financial Information

Sweetr does not collect any payment information related to users. All users make Sweetr related purchases through Apple using iTunes. Sweetr will never ask for personal credit card information and users should report anyone soliciting this.

Advertisements and Third Parties

Sweetr does allow advertisements on its application. However, Sweetr does not knowingly allow third parties to collect and store user information. These advertisements may use tracking technologies, such as cookies to collect and track information about users who click on the advertisement. Should a user click on the advertisement link and be taken to a website or application, Sweetr Privacy Policy no longer applies. Sweetr is not liable or responsible for any third party obtaining user information. These websites may or may not collect your personal information. We suggest reviewing privacy statements of all third-party websites or applications you visit. Sweetr does not track your online activity.

Correction of Your Information

All users can update or edit their account at their convenience. Should a user need to change or correct any errors or omissions in their personal information in Sweetr, please contact us to help via Sweetr Support or email: Applicable privacy laws and legislation will be considered with each request and we will make every effort to reply in a timely manner. Users may be asked to verify their account information prior to any changes being made. If access to information or corrections cannot be provided we will notify the user as soon as possible.

Retaining User’s Account Information

All users have the option to set up how they want their profile to appear. Should a user want their profile to remain hidden, their profile information will remain with Sweetr until it is activated again by the user. Should a user want to delete their profile, it can be accomplished by going to the “Settings” page and selecting “Delete Profile”. Once a user deletes their profile it cannot be recovered and any remaining credits will not be refunded. If an account is deleted, user information may be retained to collect any fees owed, enforce terms and conditions or comply with any legal or government authority.


Sweetr collects user information to register and display your profile on our application(s). Sweetr collects user information on its application for the sole purpose of displaying the features in the app so other users can see it. Sweetr may use this information to track overall user demographics, help provide customer support, help manage user accounts, ensure accuracy of geolocation service, communicate with users by email or through their mobile device, gift credits, resolve disputes, enforce our privacy policy, enforce our terms and conditions, verify eligibility to deliver prizes and notify users of any upcoming Sweetr events. 

Employment Applications

Any applications received through Sweetr or Appature Technologies Inc., will be kept confidential and only used when considering you for a position within our company. We do not share your application or personal information with any other company or third party.

Legal Obligation

Sweetr may store any user information to comply with any legal or regulatory obligation or request.  At Sweetr’s discretion user information may be stored should there be suspicion or continual reports of a certain user or for other reasons, in order to rectify an issue or defend Sweetr rights or property.


User’s personal information is not knowingly shared unless indicated in this privacy policy. Information may be shared with third parties whom Sweetr or Appature Technologies Inc., hires to perform services on our behalf. These services may include, but are not limited to: Sweetr support, customer service, technical support, payment services, web hosting, international data processing, statistical analyses, maintenance of backup systems or software, application, or website development. These service providers may have access to user’s personal information to perform their tasks, but are not permitted to share or use this information for any other purposes.

Legal Obligations

Sweetr will share user personal information should it be related to any legal investigation, court subpoena, court order, child protection, request for cooperation with law enforcement or any government agency. You acknowledge that Sweetr may disclose information you provide should it be required by law or government. Sweetr reserves the right and wants to prevent any criminal or fraudulent behaviour(s) and if it is detected, or if Sweetr is made aware of such activity or information, it will be provided to the applicable authorities.

Corporate Transaction

User’s personal information may be shared in relation to a possible corporate transaction which may include, but is not limited to: a merger, sale of our business, asset sale, divestiture, consolidation or an unlikely bankruptcy.


Protection of Information

Sweetr takes appropriate measures and safeguards to protect your personal information from unauthorized access and disclosure. Sweetr does not sell user information. Sweetr will not place cookies on your devices. Sweetr does not track user browser information when our website or application is used. Sweetr does not collect users’ mobile device information. Sweetr does not track a user’s IP address, device ID, browser type, language, or date and access times. Sweetr does not use web beacons, pixel tags, local storage or other technologies to track users’ use of service. Sweetr does not perform ad tracking or website/mobile analytics. However, with the Internet and social media it is nearly impossible to fully guarantee that all information is completely secure. Although security breaches are rare, should this occur, Sweetr will try to rectify the issue as soon as possible. Sweetr is not liable or responsible for any potential security breach. Sweetr wants users to protect and handle their personal information with care, including usernames and passwords. 

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or the practices of Sweetr and Appature Technologies Inc., please contact in any of the following ways: email, submit feedback at, submit an inquiry at, or email

This Policy

Sweetr’s privacy policy is in the English language. This policy may be translated into other languages. Should this policy ever be translated into other languages, and if there is ever a contradiction in policies or a dispute, the English language version will take precedence.

Sweetr may update this privacy policy periodically as needed. We reserve the right to modify this privacy statement at any time. Any updates will be posted on the website or application. It is the user’s responsibility to keep informed with any privacy policy or terms and conditions changes. A user can also refer to Apple’s privacy policy should there be any additional questions.

This privacy statement is in effect as of April 1, 2014.  Last updated March 2, 2017.

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