1) Is my geo-location public?

  • No. Your geolocation is private. All locations are approximations and never exact. This is to protect every user's privacy and keep you safe.

2) Is there a size limit for profile photos?

  • No.

3) How many videos can I upload?

  • Sweetr allows you to upload profile videos and profile pictures.

4) I cannot upload pictures from my Facebook. Who do I contact?

  • On the Sweetr App Click on "Settings" then select either:
    • Sweetr Support. This is a support profile within the Sweetr app. It does not cost you any credits to message the Sweetr team.
    • Support Email.Email our team at help@sweetr.com

5) What currency are the transactions in?

  • The standardized currency Sweetr uses is in American Dollars (USD)
  • All purchases made by a user through Sweetr are processed by Apple using iTunes

6) What does the percent mean on profiles?

  • Based on how you answered the questions within your profile, Sweetr creates a percentage score showing how much you have in common with another user. The higher the percentage, the more you likely have in common.

7) How do I delete my profile?

  • It is an easy, no hassle process.
  • Once a Profile is deleted it cannot be recovered.
  • Credits are not refundable on closed accounts
  • Click on “Settings” and select “Delete Profile.” Then choose “Yes,” answer, and “Submit.”

8) Can I receive a phone call if I am not online?

  • No. You must be online to receive any voice/video calls



1) I am having some issues with the Sweetr app, who do I contact for help?

  • a. On the Sweetr App Click on "Settings" then select either
    • i. Sweetr Support. This is a support profile within the Sweetr app. It does not cost you any credits to message the Sweetr team.
    • ii. Support Email

2) What is the search function for on Sweetr?

  • The search function allows you to find profiles based on name, city, or country.

3) How do I filter my search criteria in Sweetr?

  • On the Sweetr Home page you will notice two icons in the top right corner; click them. You can filter your search criteria by age, location, gender, distance, Sweetr match, Sweetr opposite, or newest profiles.

4) Is Sweetr available on Android and Apple devices?

  • The Sweetr application(s) are only available on iOS devices.



1) How do I purchase more credits?

  • Select the menu and click "Buy Credits." You will be taken to another screen where you will select "Buy Credits." Click on the number of credits you would like to purchase. You will be required to sign-in using your Apple ID to complete the transaction.
  • Credits are only purchased through Apple Pay. Sweetr will never ask for your credit card information.

2) Do my credits ever expire?

  • No, your credits will never expire.

3) Do I use my credits to answer a call from another user?

  • No. You only use credits if you initiate the call to another user. The person who initiates the call uses their credits, not the person who answers the call.