Safe Dating Tips


Sweetr has been designed with your safety in mind. The following features have been included for your protection

Anonymous Communication

Sweetr has created a one-of-a-kind communication platform that allows you to communicate anonymously. You will be able to send messages, voice chat or video chat without having to release your private contact information.

Personal Information

Sweetr will not post your personal email address, personal phone number or the answers to the questions on your profile. The email address is for login purposes and the questions you answer help generate possible matches for you. Sweetr will not reveal your geolocation to any user. Your Sweetr profile will show the pictures you post, any videos you create, the profile description you create, the city and country you reside in and your age.


Sweetr allows you to block any user at any time. Should you ever feel another user is harassing you, asking for money, making you feel uncomfortable, becoming increasingly demanding, showing abusive or controlling behaviour, soliciting or asking for nude photos or videos, please report them to us and block them. Feel free to send us any information that you feel is important, including messages or photos. Sweetr has zero tolerance for any of the above inappropriate behaviours.


Sweetr also allows you to easily report a user should you ever need to. Report any inappropriate pictures or videos, minors using the service or harassment. Whatever the reason, please report to Sweetr and our department will address it immediately.

Payment Information

Sweetr does not collect any personal payment information from ANY user. All users pay through their Apple account. Sweetr will never ask for your payment information. Should you ever be asked this please report to us immediately.


Please follow the dating advice below to help keep yourself safe. This is not meant to replace any professional or legal advice.

Pace Yourself

We suggest taking the time to get to know someone prior to meeting them in person. Please utilize our private communication function to do this. Do not rush into something or feel pressured by someone to meet. Go at your own pace.

Refrain from Substance Use

Please refrain from using or overusing substances (i.e., alcohol, drugs) when on a date. Substances can impact a person's ability to effectively communicate and make decisions. If you do drink, never leave your drink unattended.

Try a Double Date

Consider going on double dates or group dates. There's safety in numbers. You'll feel more comfortable and less pressured.

Meet in a Public Place

Always date in a public place. Do not agree to go to a date's home or have them pick you up. Transport yourself to the date and keep your home location private until you really know the other person. Your home is your safe place, do not welcome guests in that you barely know.

Feel Free to Say No

When you say no it should be respected. If you ever feel pressured to do something you are not comfortable with, end the date right away. If your "no" is not being respected, this is a flag and you need to end the date immediately. If you ever feel in danger on a date, get to a safe place and call 911. If you are not able to get to a safe place, notify a staff member where you are located and have them call the police. Once you are safe, please notify Sweetr staff by reporting the user.

Don't Keep Secrets

Do not keep your date a secret. This is for your own safety. Please tell a close friend or family member that you are going on a date, where you are going and when they can expect to hear from you. You can also share your location with a friend on your iPhone.

Bring Only Essential ID

Only bring the essentials on a date. Do not bring all your personal identification with you. Always keep your purse, wallet or bag on your person at all times. If you go to the bathroom, bring it with you.

Bring Your Phone

Ensure your phone is fully charged and with you at all times.

Protect Your Money

Don't ever give anyone your banking information. Don't ever meet with anyone under the premise of giving them money or buying something. This is against Sweetr policy. Please report this type of behaviour immediately. Remember that Sweetr will never ask for your banking information.

Vet Your Date

Sweetr does not complete criminal record checks or personal background checks on any user. Therefore, it is integral that you get to know a potential date through Sweetr's anonymous communication feature prior to meeting in person. We also suggest completing your own online research should you ever consider meeting someone in person.


Be alert for the following warning signs that a potential date may not be who they seem:

  • Asking you for your personal information such as: your password, banking information, credit card number, home address or phone number.
  • Asking you for money for any reason through e-transfer or in person. This is against Sweetr policy and is likely a scam. Please report the user to Sweetr and block them.
  • Pressuring you to meet, professing their love for you very quickly or pushing you for a serious relationship before you are ready.
  • Avoiding your questions, frequently going off topic or refusing to talk through Sweetr.
  • Requesting nude photographs or nude videos of you.
  • Asking you to go to other websites.
  • Acting in an offensive or harassing way.
  • Sending spam to you, soliciting or trying to sell you products or services.
  • Offering employment to you.
  • Refusing to talk about their sexual health or sexual history.
  • Refusal to have safe sex.
  • Sharing or posting inappropriate pictures of minors. This is against Sweetr policy. If you see this, please report it immediately.
  • If you see any minor (under the age of 18) communicating on Sweetr, please report it immediately.